For Nickelodeon's international series, Orange Carpet: Special Edition,       we were offered a unique set of challenges:

                      VIGNETTE A - Look Before You Leap

  • Create 2 x 1:45 spots mirroring the scope and epic nature of Spider-Man: Homecoming, in all it's web slinging glory. 

  • Feature the star of the film, Tom Holland as well as Nickelodeon's own Thomas Kuc from the hit show, "Game Shakers."

  • Demonstrate actual stunts and wire-work with a full team of riggers, a stunt double and an expensive wig.

  • Blend in an educational component, namely Math.

  • Oh, and did we mention that the two Toms can't be there on the same day? 

  • Figure it out...   So we did!


We started with story boards to bring our concept to life:


Then, since we had to shoot our two stars on different days, we used the magic of green screen to key one Tom into the other's shot:

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 4.59.57 PM.png





We sprinkled in some math and physics formulae throughout:

And here's the how the Second Vignette came out:

                                                                                                      Vignette B - Straight Up!