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Denzel Washington and Chris Pine and the "Storm Chasesr" compare notes on what's really Unstoppable.

Brad Pitt, star and producer of Terrence Malik's latest masterpiece describes why he's a lifelong fan of this reclusive director and his work.

Seth ("Green Hornet") Rogen gives The Mythbusters a close up look at The Black Beauty on a blue-screen set that we transformed into a virtual garage.

Behind-the-scenes interviews with JJ Abrams and Oscar-wining director Alfonso ("Gravity") Cuaron.

James Cameron switches hats and discusses the screenplay he wrote for Avatar, which sat in his drawer for years before he could get anyway to buy it.

Kenny Rhodes sits down for an in-character interview with Sacha Baron "Borat" Cohen and is surprised by his intimate reaction.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and director Nicole Holfcener talk to Kenny Rhodes at Toronto Film Festival 2013.

Sit down with the entire cast and creators of the hit Fox show to see their original audition footage as well unforgettable stories about casting these triple threats.