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NINE LIVES - Lifetime promos featuring Kevin Spacey whose life is "put on paws" until he can reconnect with his family.

Episodic promos produced for the syndication of the first four seasons of this offbeat family comedy. [See More of The Middle]

Movie Tie-In promo combining Hugh Jackman and his fighting robot from REAL STEEL with "Buster," Discovery's long-suffering crash test dummy who has endured years of punishment on "Mythbusters."

When the classic soap migrated to TVGN for same-day episodes, the cast filmed original promos we wrote to announce "two times the two-timing."

Cee Lo Green introduces his new show "Lay It Down" featuring friends from the world of hip hop.  Directed by Kenny Rhodes for NuContext.

Stylized Block Spot with unique gfx, original music and no VO until tune-in underscoring the moody movies airing all month on FXM.

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